Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What Happened 5 Minutes Ago

As I was writing that last post, I got a call from Foreign Affairs (which makes me sound so important) with some new information. The good news: one of the Australian victims WILL be attending the trial. (If you can call that “good” news… good in the grand scheme of things, I guess.)

The bad news: the initial trial was scheduled for July 2007. I chose not to attend because of the Greek authorities’ decision to be as unaccomodating as possible. In the end, they postponed it “due to lack of witnesses”. They tell me now, THIS AUSTRALIAN WOMAN FLEW TO ATHENS FOR THAT TRIAL.

I feel terrible that she did it once for nothing, and humbled, because she’s about to do it for a second time, and I’m only willing to go through this once.

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