Thursday, October 2, 2008

a picture that will last longer

According to the Canadian Embassy in Athens, yesterday, October 1st at 9am, the judges, Aristovoulos and his lawyer were all present in the courtroom. But, as the clerk was not, the hearing was postponed.

It is beyond words how frustrating it is to think that the trial would have gone ahead yesterday... that by today, this could all have been over. According to the embassy, "The judge announced that parties involved are going to be subpoenaed again but no further information was provided regarding the new hearing date."

While the contact at the embassy was unable to take a photo of Aristovoulos, she gave me this description:


Panayote Dimitras of the Greek-Helsinki Monitor is in the process of getting access to the file on this case so that I can finally see a photo of this man - something I've been begging for since spring 2007. Once I do, you can bet I will post it here.

A few media updates:

For any Greek-speakers out there, Mr. Dimitras of the GHM did this interview with a Peloponnese radio station. Apparently the interview is near the end.

Again, for Greek-speakers (and readers), this article came out in a Greek paper, Kathimerini, yesterday.

If you want a translation you CAN put it into Google translator... it's far from precise (actually, it's good for a laugh) but you'll get the general gist.

A non-Greek blogger (from what I understand) living in Greece is doing an absolutely amazing job at following Greek human rights issues in general. She did a post on her blog about the trial, but also please check out her series on the Roma (or as we know them, Gypsy) settlement in Athens... it is truly eye-opening. I am learning more and more about what's going on in what is supposedly a first world country.

Finally, if you missed seeing the full 25-minute CBC interview, you can see it here.

I did another interview today with a paper called Eleftheros Tipos. I will let you know when it's out. Both papers asked for my photograph (ironically. I wonder if they'll publish his, too?) and while I am so grateful for this coverage and the awareness it's raising, I have to admit it that having my photo printed in newspapers in Greece makes me feel incredibly vulnerable. I sent them a photo I took of myself on my last "mini-journey" in Europe - almost a year after what happened in Athens. I was living in London, and took a cheap flight to Verona, Italy. I was alone, stayed in a nunnery for three days, ate gelato, went to churches and shoe stores, and felt insanely grateful to be alive. That trip is one of my best memories. And no matter who sees this photo, I refuse to let that change.

To all women travelers out there: I wish you protection and vigilance... and pray that one day we can all journey solo, without fear.


Dimitris Andrikopoulos said...

The Greeks that care about your case and in general care, apologize for the inconvenience and for all the problems you faced in our country.
Eventhough Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with amazing history, food and music, a big majority of our compatriots are... years behind. Many things must change, but dont. Instead of getting better, we get worse. Our mentality and system are still of a developing country. Sorry again.

Anonymous said...

I have heared your case from a Greek blog. I am from Greece and i want to wish you to have strength and oneday you will fill that your efforts were not in vain. I hope you win this case do not let them break your nerves the same problems with the system face and the Greek women. Good luck and strength to you and your family