Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Team

Today was the pre-trial meeting.

My cousin-in-law, also named Tony (think the "Nick, Nick and Nick" scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding,) drove me to Halkida, which meant what should have been an hour-long drive took approximately 5 minutes. His wife, Sofia, cheerfully came along. I met meet Panayote Dimitras and Nafsika Papanikolatou of the Greek-Helsinki Monitor, who have been instrumental - crucial - in helping me and the Australian victim in moving forward with this case. And I met the amazing criminal lawyer they found for us. (He chain-cigar-smoked the entire time and growled a lot. I like him.)

We went through everything that will happen at the trial. Then we went through the circumstances around the trial - which, to be honest, are what I find most stressful at the moment. (Put it this way: it's highly unlikely anything will be resolved tomorrow.) Then, like good Greeks, we went for lunch.

I'll wait until tomorrow, when we'll know a lot more, to go into detail. I'll just say that, on the drive back home, I felt amazingly at peace. Meeting the people helping us out in this case, and seeing their passion and the attention they've given it in the flesh, I am confident that we have the best chance possible for a positive outcome. My cousins stayed in the next room for the entire meeting. ("We didn't want to leave you alone," Sofia said, shrugging. "You're our responsibility.") You'd be hard-pressed to be in better hands than I am in at the moment.

Still, it was a hard day. And I know tomorrow will be much harder. But I'm only considering the best outcomes. Why not? It's pointless to freak out about what may or may not happen. Miracles are possible. I've got proof of that.

Thank you, friends, family, people I've never met, for the messages of encouragement. Each one is like a little firecracker of warmth and good feelings. Keep 'em coming.


Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow! Hope he gets what he deserves! All the best! Maria, Athens

Unknown said...

Im there with you! crossing fingers, thinking of you and wish you all the luck of the universe - yes, miracles can happen! and Im extremely happy to read, that you are in good hands!!! XXX, Tina

Ann said...

You are so amazing.

Anonymous said...

You are very courageous and what you are doing DOES and WILL make a difference, for you, for countless other women, and for the greatest of women - Justice!
You are in good hands.
I wish you all the best.

Andrea Gilbert (GHM)

deviousdiva said...

Thinking of you at this difficult time. Very happy to read that you have such fantastic support. Best wishes to you. Your courage is inspiring and encourages other women to speak out about rape. Thank you.

Nikos Alexiou said...

Dear Natalie,i armire you for your courage and determination on all these.Please know that there are MANY decent,hardworking people in this totally corrupted country,that are with you and support your efforts with all their heart.You are NOT alone on this and there are many greeks with dignity,men and women,that support and admire you for your courage.
From me,i wish you all the luck!

Nikos Alexiou

Sterph said...

Dude, SO proud of you, and relived that you have some good people to help you through this. love s xo