Thursday, March 25, 2010

Out of Here

My travel agent, God bless her, got me a flight to Zurich tomorrow. I'll be flying back to Montreal on Friday, April 2nd. More updates as things change/progress with the trial. Thank you, once again, for your support.


Anonymous said...

I found your blog through today's article on Eleftherotypia:

I am very sorry to hear what you've been through and particularly for the harrowing experience of facing the Greek Justice system. I am Greek, and feel the need to apologize for it.

I hope everything turns out well, that justice is served, and I wish you all the strength you need. You have the support of many people in Greece as well. This may be a little inconsequential, but I hope that on a moral ground it can have some significance to you. The world does not consist solely out of malicious or indifferent people.


Anonymous said...

hi there.i just read your story in the NEA newspaper..i apologize for that scum but mostly for the whole corrupted greek judge system..just 3 days before 5 greek youths who raped a 16 year old girl in a small town called amarynthos were found not guilty cause according to the judge the bulgarian victim was welcoming their actions!!!(so i guess nowadays 16 year old girls like to give their body and soul to 5 scums just to have sum fun)it was printed in the paper ELEFTEROTYPIA some days ago..

i hope yr life and your soul will find its peace.b strong.justice comes in different ways..

yr interview left me with a bittersweet taste cause to b honest your last words made me and my family laugh..

we are greek-greeks from nafpaktos and we have family in kenora and in victoria..

my mom,me and my bro have been there many times.what u said about the canadian-greeks is ABSOLUTELY TRUE.they do live in 1957!

geia sou.