Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ta Nea

Today's piece in Ta Nea.

I tried to run it through Google translate but let's just say a lot of meaning was lost. If anyone at all is willing to translate it to English, I'd be so grateful. Drop me a line at and I will get back to you.

Peace from Switzerland.


alexandros said...

Congratulations for your courage and for keeping up the fight with the greek system...we living here, need to face it everyday..
here is the article on the newspapers website Ta
If only other women could follow your example.

Unknown said...

My name is Stella and I am a student from Greece. I read your interview in the newspaper yesterday. I'd like to say that I admire your courage and it's a big shame for my country not to punish this awful man. Don't stop fighting and remember: WE ALL SUPPORT YOU

Beki said...

You're a very brave woman, and thank you for taking a stand for all women. Please know that you have the support of people everywhere.

Argy Bargy said...

I am unfortunately a Greek. I am sorry.