Thursday, March 18, 2010

I write this about 24 hours before my third attempt to go through with this trial in Athens.

A quick recap of why this is happening:

I was drugged and most likely sexually assaulted in Athens in August of 2005. The man was caught a month later, and charged with doing the same thing to 3 other women (two from Australia, and one from Denmark.) He has since been convicted for raping the Danish woman, sentenced to 5 and a half years in prison, and released after serving 18 months.

A slightly less quick recap of what has happened since I last posted:

1. I've learned that the reason the man who did this is now walking free is the fault of the Greek government. Myself and one of the Australian victims WERE subpoenaed to appear at the same trial as the Danish woman, in 2006. However, the subpoenas were sent to the HOSTEL where we had both been staying when we were assaulted. Thus, the case went ahead with 1 witness instead of 3. (The other Australian woman has decided not to participate.) Thus, he was given a lighter sentence. Thus, a convicted rapist walks free, because of the incompetence of the Greek authorities.

2. This trial, scheduled to begin on March 22nd, will very likely be postponed as another trial has been scheduled to begin that day. Because the Easter holidays begin in Greece on March 29th, which means all governmental affairs shut down for two weeks, there's a very good chance I will be stuck in Greece for a month.

3. However, there is a possibility that myself and the other woman would be allowed to give our testimonies and leave. That's the best case scenario, and it's what I'm hoping for.

Those are the main points. I'll be posting about what's happening from here on in, both from a factual point of view and my experiences. And what I ask again is this: tell my story. Tell your sisters and your friends and your daughters and your mothers. If we can prevent this from happening to one other person, all this is worth it.

I will be on CBC TV tonight, and Homerun on CBC radio this afternoon.

I'll be Tweeting too.

Wish me luck.


Mike Sankey said...

Dear Nat,

I heard about your situation a while ago, and there's something I've been meaning to say to you for a while, but somehow never have. It's this:

Thank You.

Thank you for making the world a safer and better place for my three daughters. I know that every time a brave woman like you is willing to fight back, then it means my daughters are less likely to be assaulted or endangered.

I hope that one day they might be able to live and travel without fear; yet it's not hope alone that will make it happen, it's the courageous actions of people like you who are willing to fight for what's right.

Μεγαλοκοπέλα said...

If it weren't so tragic, I'd insist that Greece is a laughable country.